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Posted by shashi sharma on 30-Mar-2018 at 22:06:47 EST

IHi Daymenti and Team <br>I am interested in offering my services again this year if you have any date confirmation for your mission Please kind ly advice so i can organise Many thanks

Posted by shashi sharma on 30-Mar-2018 at 22:06:43 EST

IHi Daymenti and Team <br>I am interested in offering my services again this year if you have any date confirmation for your mission Please kind ly advice so i can organise Many thanks

Posted by Damyenti Chandra on 18-Dec-2017 at 10:51:50 EST
Subject: 2017 Outreach Report

Hi Everyone,<br>Just a summary of work done in Fiji in July, 2017:<br>Week 1:<br>- Valley Rd, Sigatoka, where we saw around 50 folks. Of significance in this group was the number of women found to have breast lumps & suspicion of breast cancer.<br>- Loloma Womens Shelter, Nadi, which houses children, disabled folks and battered women. A really sad place, where we found a lot of children and women needing urgent medical care. We also had some volunteers do handywork to repair lights, pipes, swings, etc, since the shelter is an older building and needs a lot of maintenance.<br>- Koroipita, Lautoka, where there is always need for a lot of medical care. Over a 100 folks were seen and referrals made as needed – was a long day here…<br>- Navala Village, Ba, a remote native village where around 100 people got seen.<br>- Nawaicuba Health Center, Nadi, a farming community where around 50 folks got medical care.<br>Week 2:<br>- Vatiyaka, Ba, a remote farming community we have been serving since 2006. Around 60 people got seen.<br>- Tanoa Hotel, Nadi, where around 80 employees were seen. All women received breast exams and a few had to be referred for breast lumps.<br>- Navakai, Nadi, a poor settlement we have served for several years.<br>- Patan Clinic, Nadi, which is our base clinic, where around 60 people got seen, mostly women and children.<br>Week 3:<br>- Cathreen Kumar, on her vacation screened over 200 folks for high blood sugar and blood pressure in Navua and Labasa – Thank you very much, Cathreen!<br><br>Everyone was screened for HBP and diabetes. Most women seen also had pap smears and breast exams.<br><br>Big Thank You! to Dr. Usha Chand and Dr. Jai Raj and their friend Naz Hudda, Woorim Surfside Pharmacy from Australia for medical supplies and donated medicine; Jai had to also perform the tough task of clearing these items through Customs, and we totally appreciate his help with this! <br><br>Vinaka Vakalevu! to Medsure Pharmacy, Nadi for donating medicines; They have been our partners in Fiji for a long time!<br><br>Also, a very big Thank you! to Anil Dutt and Randy Ynegas of San Francisco, who not only volunteered this year, but were able to get donations through their Facebook pages, in the amount of $1,924 – Wow!<br><br>I also made sure all the medical supplies we shipped from the USA were cleared through Customs and delivered to Lautoka Hospital – they are always in need of these items and very thankful.<br><br>Immense gratitude to all the volunteers for donating their time and paying their way to help our cause in beautiful Fiji – Vinaka Vakalevu!!!<br><br>It was a very good trip!!!! We did a lot, and hopefully made a difference for the better in peoples lives.<br><br>With my deepest gratitude…<br><br>Damyenti Chandra, Fiji Aid International (Founder/CFO)

Posted by Damyenti Chandra on 14-May-2016 at 22:04:37 EST
Subject: Cyclone Winston Mission 2016

Hi Everyone,<br>Just wanted to update everyone on our efforts to help folks back in Fiji after Cyclone Winston on Feb 20. The day the volunteers arrived (April 2), all of Nadi and other areas were flooded and another cyclone was on the way.Luckily the cyclone did not hit Fiji but the floods did take away a few days of volunteer work we had planned.The team took care of folks in Koronabu, Binai, Nawaqarua, Natutu, Votua, Tagalevu, Mataniquara and Vadravadra village. The team also made home visits and treated people who were too sick to come. We saw first hand the destruction and the effects of floods and the cyclone on people. Our work was very much needed as most of these folks lived far away and had difficulties getting to the health centers or hospitals. We treated a lot of folks (children and adults). Our deep gratitude to Catherine, Pramila, Renuka, and Noel for their fundraising efforts. Thank you to all who also made individual contributions! Special recognition also goes to the pharmacies from Australia (Jadin Chemist Group, Lilydale, Priceline) that donated large amounts of medication which were used extensively; the leftover meds were donated to the local hospitals. A huge Salute to our volunteers: Dr. Jai Raj, Dr. Usha Chand, Andrew Wayment Catherine Kumar and staff nurse from Ba Health Center - these folks placed their own health and comfort at risk and traveled approx. 15 kms everyday from their hotel in Lautoka to rural areas to deliver care. The volunteers often had to sit on floors or stand all day to deliver care, and survived on rations of tuna sandwiches everyday. Thank you to the District Medical Officer (DMO) Western and the SDMO Ba for organizing our outreach and helping with transport. It is going to take a long time for things to get back to normal for everyone affected in Fiji. We are grateful we were able to help. Vinaka Vakalevu & Thank you all very much!!!!!